I am Ojobaro Adekemi,

  • an Accountant,

  • an Online Freelance Writer

  • a Business Coach

About Me

As a recognized insider, influencer and innovative business expert, I bring an extensive and celebrated background to the launch of Businessripple.
I had long been driven by my passion for teaching small scale business strategies to women and youths around the world. After a 10-year career as an accountant, and diverse collaborations within the industry, I am determined to create a new destination for small business owners to learn the secrets to enhancing their businesses and simplifying their routines.
Businessripple is designed to enable, you, young entrepreneurs to take control of their business by learning skills and resources that in the past were reserved exclusively for professionals. By sharing my inner circle tips and techniques, I will inspire you to feel & look more confident about your business.
One of my favorite roles is helping small business owners discover and craft their own business success stories. Nothing excites me as much as helping others feel and look more confident about them.

 “I will help you achieve your desired outcome…your business success”

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