Top 7 Secrets To Finding A Great Mentor


There are lots of factors that are responsible for achieving success over a period. It doesn’t matter whether you want to start a business, career or project as these factors will always have a significant role to play in determining how successful you will become. Amongst these various factors or variables, there is one which seems to be the most important. This is the idea of having a mentor that will guide your actions.


The primary aim of this post will be to help you discover how to find a great mentor that will impact every aspect of your life in the best way possible. People aren’t only using these secrets as they are getting positive results all over the world.


1 – Looking For the Perfect Person

There are lots of mentors out there. However, some will be perfect for you while others may not. This is why you need to take out time and study the individual very well. Although such a person may not meet all your assumed requirements, he should be able to meet at least 70%. If you can study such a person very well, you will understand a lot of things about him.


2 – Lookout for Flaws

There is no doubt that this goes against everything that you are trying to imagine at the moment about your supposed mentor. The truth is that anyone without flaws is only living a life of pretense. This is the last person that you want to be your mentor. The flaws in a mentor are just there to remind you that despite attaining such height in life, he is only human. They are there to encourage you that it is also possible to reach such level.


3 – He Should Be Willing To Help

Great mentors are always glad to offer help and assistance wherever necessary. This is a feature that should be present in your mentor. Most people try to look for mentors that will be flattering them instead of those who will offer constructive criticisms and render helping hands. This is only a recipe for failure as it will not get you anywhere.


4 – Avoid Making Assumptions

Instead of trying to assume everything about someone who is supposed to be your mentor, isn’t it better to walk up to him or her and ask questions to clear the air? Most people are usually guilty of this mistake as they assume that their supposed mentors will be too busy to give them the needed attention. Never make wrong assumptions Until you met someone and asked the right questions concerning what your problems are,


5 – Always Follow Up

Once you have found someone who meets all the criteria of a mentor, whom you have been searching for, ensure to do some follow up. This is to develop a healthy relationship which will later blossom into something fantastic in the future. You need to use everything within your means to ensure that you are keeping up with him or her. Send emails or make phone calls at regular intervals to check up on him or her.


6 – Being At the Right Place

This implies merely visiting events that are related to your field. These could conferences, seminars, lectures, and others. You need to be active in other to meet the right person that can function as your mentor. Don’t sit on your couch all day hoping and praying that such a person will fall from the sky because it will never happen. Most of these events do host some of the brightest brains. All you have to do is sign up for them and find out people that will be coming.


7 – Be Passionate About Life

There are times when your behavior may attract friends and mentors into your life. This can only happen when you develop the right attitude towards life. For instance, people can’t come close to someone who is always cynical and pessimistic. Just as you are in search of a mentor that will make the most indelible impression on you, that is how supposed mentors are on the lookout for students who can positively influence them. Adjust your attitude and lifestyle a little bit, and you will attract a great mentor.






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