Is It Possible to Make Money as a Freelancer in Nigeria


Freelancing is a way to work and earn from anywhere you are – whether it’s at home or at school. As a freelancer, you can work with anyone, and can possibly render any service depending on your skills.

On the internet today, freelancing jobs are gaining massive momentum that many professionals are contented enough offering their services to anyone who is in need of such. As a freelancer, you can make money on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as determined by your work and pay structure.

In Nigeria, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) pegs the nation’s unemployment rate at 14.2%, which does not include the massive underemployed group and well-educated tertiary institution graduates living from hand-to-mouth. It is difficult for many citizens to see the huge profits of freelancing, prompting the question:

Is It Possible to Make Money as a Freelancer in Nigeria?

This topic will be well-discussed in this article. More than the discussion, you will also be given some insights into the kind of freelancing jobs that are money-spinning in Nigeria.

As explained earlier, Freelancing is a medium of offering your services (preferably various services) to multiple clients. Using this key meaning of freelancing, not only is it possible to make money as a freelancer in Nigeria, Nigerians are making money rendering freelance jobs.

Many youths in Nigeria have diverted their focus toward this medium as a way to live a successful life. The good thing about freelancing is that you can make in one month more than the amount a normal company worker makes. Truth be told, some Nigerian freelancers make the monthly salaries of their peers in one week.

Having known that making money as a freelancer is possible in Nigeria, how do freelancers make their money, what service do they render, what should you know before starting your freelance journey? These are burning questions that are answered below.

What Freelancers Do

Here, the focus will be on the services rendered by freelancers. What particular thing do you do as a freelancer to make money? There is no particular thing. There are a lot of things which are probably endless. However, some of the most common ways of making money as a Nigerian freelancer are stated below.

  • Video Editing

This freelance service includes altering a video format, adding or removing some aspects of the video like the noise level, and many others.

  • Logo Designs

Logo design is already a money-spinning venture in Nigeria. As a freelancer, you can design logos for various individuals and companies.

  • Graphics Design

Graphics design is one of the most sought after freelance services. Many professionals offer this service, but the skill level needed in graphics design is very high which means people who are very good in graphics design are desired.

  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the online form of traditional marketing with some technological advances. Digital marketing is also more effective than conventional marketing. Many global corporations use the services of digital marketers to promote their products and services, thereby, paying commission to the marketers.

  • Programming and Web Design

As a programmer or a web designer, your choice of clients can range from startups looking to create their own cyberspace to individuals who just want to have an impact on the web. Either way, your technology skill will be required for their success.

  • Writing

As a Nigerian, writing is one of the easiest freelancing jobs you can do. Provided you can write good English, you can make some money from this niche.

  • And more

What You Need to Know About Freelancing

  • Evaluate Yourself

When it comes to freelancing, it is vital to evaluate what you can do. Offer the services you know you are skilled at to avoid offering low quality services which can affect your money-making potentials in the future.

  • Be Patient

You will not start making huge sums the very first day you commence your freelance career. But, be hopeful and patient. Like someone said, “Every major company today was once a start-up.” Every top freelancer in the world today, started from the ground up. You too can follow the same path. Just be patient.

  • Understand the Cash Flow

As a freelancer, your income will fluctuate. You will not make this month the same amount you made the previous month. You need to have a good financial attitude to avoid being penniless at any point.

Making money as a freelancer is possible in Nigeria. Actually, Nigerians are making money offering freelance services. You too can start building your freelance career. The best time to start is now.

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