Specific Business Opportunities in African Agro Sector


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Africa is turning into an undeniably alluring center point
for remote financial specialists because of its different monetary, political
and social changes that are clearing through the land, bringing about a much-enhanced
business condition helpful for outside direct speculation. Aside from that,
there is far reaching improvement of basic social and physical system,
In case you are a remote financial specialist, who still
can’t seem to make an invasion into Africa, right now is an ideal opportunity
to venture in and catch an offer of Africa’s agro sector. These are nine
lucrative segments you ought to consider putting resources into:

1. Cashew

 One prominent area
that had been negated in the Afro Agro Business sector is the rich laden
Cashew.  Cashew is widely eaten across
the world, and it is useful in so many aspects.
I. Cashew maybe be processed into cheese butter
II. Cashew’s shell can be extracted and used in many ways.
It is used in the production of paints and can even be processed to liquor.

2. Piggery

Piggery is such a lucrative business also. In some parts of
Nigeria like Benue State, the Middle Belt region, pigs are very profitable and
a real meat there. It is even used during their festive seasons. One of the advantages
of rearing pigs is the height of productivity in a piggery. A single pig at
times costs more than 288$, approximately one hundred thousand Naira.  Again, pigs at times, when they reproduce,
they give birth to 12, 13 14, 15 baby pig at times. One only need get a small
portion of land, and start rearing pigs. Pigs love to cohabit. The more they
are, the smaller the portion of land one needs for their rearing. Piggery is a
real good business.

3. Protein and Milk

This is another opportunity for Business in Agricultural
sector in Africa. There has been the shortage in the production of milk in
Africa such that milk-producing companies go about importing their
milk from Abroad.

4. Fishery

The fishery is a real good business idea in Africa. Apart
from other countries in Africa, Nigeria alone is said to be importing close to
$ 1 Billion worth of fish into the country daily, talk more of what countries
like Ghana, Gambia, Benin and other neighboring countries and Africa at large
would be producing. This aspect is also a real good business for investors in

5. Investing in Mechanized Farming Tools

The government had taken cogent steps to alleviate the
Burden of Farmers in Africa by supplying to the modern farm tools for more
proficiency in farming. It is another real business opportunity if a private
firm can summon the courage to be involved in leasing harvesters, tractors, to

6. Cassava plantation

Currently, there is always a low output of cassava in
Africa. Most especially in Nigeria, the textile industry has been forced to
import into the country, about 80percent of their starch requirements and this
is not sufficient for the economy of the country. Cassava farming is one of the
easiest and cheapest farming which anyone can afford. This is a real good

7. Farming of Soya beans

In recent years, there has been a high demand for Soya beans
in Nigeria and most of the African countries. Soya beans are necessary for
food; it is also needed for animals. The shocking part of this is that Africa
has contributed to less than 3% of its production to the world.

8. Vegetables and Raw Foods

In the food/Agricultural sector in Africa, Technological
advancements have done more harm than good to humanity, here. Such that natural
foods, fresh pepper, tomatoes, are now in the paucity of supply. Africans have
resorted to canned and tinned products, which are most times hazardous to their
health. There have been needs for fresh vegetables, tomatoes, owing to the
increasing Urbanization of Africa. Hence, people forlorn farming and resort to
preserved foods.

9. Fruit Juice

There has been paucity in the supply of fruit juice in
Africa, Nigeria, as a case study. Close to 80percent of Fruit, juice distilled
in Nigeria relies on importation. Investing in this is such a welcome
development. Investors only need to contact most of the large enterprises
producing fruit juice in Africa and Do business with them.

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